A. Myer Freedman: Strathcona School

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Mr. & Mrs. Freedman with son Myer Freedman
Rights - JMABC
Freedman, A. Myer
Vancouver, BC
Marlatt, Daphne
Thursday, May 19, 1977
Digital audio recording #: 19.77-02
               MF:        We then moved to Princess Avenue where we lived until 1921 or thereabouts. And our home then was between Georgia and Union. And I believe it’s still standing. There our neighbours were practically all Italian. The Venice Bakery [the front of it] was on Union Street and our backyard touched the backyard of Venice Bakery.
DM:       Oh really.
MF:        Yeah, at that particular time. And then McLean Grounds was where our family played and children, as children we grew up. Strathcona School I remember only briefly because I was there ‘til I was 11 so got five years. And the teacher that I had for two or three of those years, I don’t know how it worked out, teachers were the Carns sisters, C-A-R-N-S who taught me. They’re the ones I remember most vividly.
DM:       Can you describe them, what they were like?
MF:        Well, one was tall and kind of a boney structure. And I think they were Scottish but I’m not sure. But the one I liked best of all who spanked me more often than the other (laughs) for my misdemeanours, I think her name was Katie, Katherine. And that’s as clear as I can remember. Now, life at that time centered around religious groups so when I went to, the first…After first arrival Mother sent me to a nursery school. It was in the basement of I think the Presbyterian Church on Pender Street. And the structure I don’t know if it still stands or not, I should go up and see it. And I remember enjoying the classes there very much. The only gym in that area that we could enjoy that was of any value was the Japanese gym. Which you most be aware of the Japanese gym, it was on I think Jackson Avenue between Powell and Cordova. And I look back on life in those days we enjoyed a real fine ethnic background.

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