Joseph and Rose Youngson: Social Life in Strathcona

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Portrait of Mr. J. Youngson
Rights - JMABC
Youngson, Joseph
Youngson, Rose
Vancouver, BC
Krieger, Ann
Thursday, November 29, 1973
Digital audio recording #: 19.73-07
AK:         What was Vancouver like when you first came?
JY:          Vancouver was a…
AK:         The Jewish community.
               JY:          Yeah, it was a very nice community. People were closer one to another. Most of the people were concentrated in the east side of the, it was on the Georgia, Pender, Keefer. And people, seems to me, were more together. Today if you want to see somebody you have to make an appointment or they have to invite you before or make appointment ahead of time. There, if you felt like seeing somebody you just walked in the house and your friends, you go to Georgia Street on a summer evening everybody was sitting outside on the veranda and chatting, talking. And they were all together.
AK:         Was it a mixed, other people than Jewish people lived there? There wasn’t any…Were there Chinese people at that time or not?
JY:          Yes, it was, sure there were mixed people but the Jewish people seemed to concentrate in one area. Afterwards, later on, you know they started to move away from that neighbourhood. And coming to the [Fairmount] district.
AK:         Mount Pleasant district.

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