Ben and Anna Segall: Jewish Business in Princeton, BC

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Ben & Ann Segall's Clothing and Footwear Ltd., Princeton
Rights - JMABC
Segall, Anna
Segall, Ben
Vancouver, BC
Leonoff, Cyril E.
Friday, July 2, 1976
Digital audio recording #: 19.76-06
                Interviewee: Segall, Ben & Anna
BS:         We were in Princeton for approximately 10 years. From April of 1964 to February of 1974. July of 1974…or April of 1974 would have been 10 years exactly. And according to what we understand from the people that we’ve talked to—and I’ve inquired extensively—we apparently were the first Jewish merchants to ever do business in uh, Princeton for that length of time…
AS:         Or even in the Similkameen Valley.
BS:         Yes, or even in the Similkameen Valley at that time.
CL:         And what goods did you carry?
BS:         Well, we carried mostly men’s work clothes because of the mining and the lumbering and of course all the activities that go a long with that. And then my wife had a ladies’ department, [and] she carried a very nice stock. And we also had children’s. And we went in very big for shoes because miners wear out a lot of shoes and so…
AS:         And also cowboy boots (laughs).
BS:         And also cowboy boots because it’s partially a ranching country as well as mining, lumbering, and tourism. Tourism… there are people in Princeton, it’s amazing, from all over the world.

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