Vivian Garber and Reva Hollander: Learning Hebrew at Talmud Torah

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Talmud Torah class picture, Vancouver, BC, 1949
Rights - Copyright JMABC
Garber, Vivian
Hollander, Reva
Vancouver, BC
Segal, Binki
Monday, January 21, 2008
Digital audio recording #: 20.08-09
BS:         Reva, early education – did you go to a Talmud Torah or what kind of school did you?
RH:        Well I went to Talmud Torah but it was before the days that Talmud Torah was a day school and when I grew up I went to the Talmud Torah for kindergarten and then I started in the public school for Grade 1 and I think when I was in about Grade 3 they opened the Talmud Torah day school but I was already at Grade 3 and they only started at Grade 1 and then they kept adding a year later but I was always two years ahead of them. So I went to the evening school, so I went to elementary school, public school Grade 1 and then I started at Talmud Torah which was four afternoons a week after school, which I hated, and I went until about Grade 7 all the way through and I remember I hated it every minute. But I definitely did get a good grounding in Hebrew, I learned the basic fundamentals of Hebrew and when I went to Israel after high school I very, very quickly started speaking and the foundation that I had received in Talmud Torah served me in good stead and it really all kind of came together. And the negative attitude that I had about going to school all those years was very much transformed when I was living in Israel and it became a living language instead of a torture to go to school.

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