Vivian Garber and Reva Hollander: Taking Classes with Mrs. Kron at Talmud Torah

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Talmud Torah class with Gita Kron
Rights - JMABC
Garber, Vivian
Hollander, Reva
Vancouver, BC
Segal, Binki
Monday, January 21, 2008
Digital audio recording: 20.08-09
               BS:         Now Vivian, I’ll turn to you. Did you go to secular school or religious school?
               VG:         I went to Talmud Torah, the day school, from kindergarten to graduation I went to Talmud Torah.
BS:         And what memories do you have of those days of going to school?
VG:         I didn’t love school in general but I actually favourite teacher was Mrs. Kron, I loved her and what was really interesting is that my older daughter also had Mrs. Kron, both my daughters went to Talmud Torah and Ariel had Mrs. Kron and Mrs. Kron would regularly call her Aviva which is my name, well she looks like me and acts a lot like me and Mrs. Kron kept saying, “Well it’s like having you back in my class again.” She was lovely, I really enjoyed her and she was of course incredibly Zionist, all of our projects were doing the map of Israel and knowing all the cities in Israel, and all the customs of Israel, that I enjoyed tremendously so it was the only part of school that I really liked. And I remember we had to go until four o’clock and we would be sitting and looking out the window at all the public school kids getting out at three o’clock and marching away but it’s better I guess than having to go to afternoon school which was worse, we only had the one extra hour.
BS:         Were you able to read Hebrew?
VG:         Yes, all of our Hebrew teachers except for Mrs. Kron were Israeli so we actually learned Hebrew very well, I’m trying to remember the name of this really lovely young woman... maybe Mrs. Klausner, she was married to a Canadian, to a Vancouver boy, but she was Israeli and she taught us really excellent, I find languages pretty easy so when I graduated I could speak Hebrew really well and with a very Israeli accent which was very convenient. 

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