Bev DeRosa: Celebrating High Holidays in Trail, BC

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Wedding (first) of Bev Segal, with her father Jack Segal
Rights - JMABC
DeRosa, Bev
Nelson, BC
Tessler, Ronnie
Thursday, July 21, 2005
Digital audio recording #: 20.05-17
               RT:        Can you recall what was done on High Holidays?
               BD:        Yeah I do, I have very, very special memories of Leo Levey being our patriarch and taking charge of the, I think we used the Eagles Hall or one of the service club halls, and it was just as it is for any child, a special time to get dressed up with your parents and meet with everyone else and children ran in and out like they do at shul in Vancouver. And we did the whole thing and we’d occasionally have the rabbi come from Spokane to help us.                                                      
RT:         And Pesach?
BD:        Always had a seder, always, always.
RT:         At your own home?
BD:        Yeah, I think my Mum and Dad put on seders but I just remember that we always had the full thing and it was done a lot more seriously I think than it is in this day and age, it just seemed like a long ordeal.
RT:         With other families?
BD:        Oh yeah, we always made sure that, you know, I think we just had so many families per home but no one was alone for sure.

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