Robert Krell: Moving to Kitsilano

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Robert Krell, Canadian Jewish Congress Pacific Region Past Chair
Rights - JMABC
Krell, Robert
Vancouver, BC
Sevy, Rosa
Saturday, September 13, 2008
Digital audio recording #: 20.08-24
               RK:         For the three of us being from Europe we thought that downtown Vancouver is the place to live because we didn’t know about things like suburbs. In Holland we lived in a four hundred year-old house in the middle of the city. So my parents looked in downtown and they realized that living there with a child wouldn’t put us near the Jewish community or any such thing so they looked around. We had a Mr. Caswell, a realtor, drove us all around Vancouver, a kind man who showed us everything including the British Properties where he told us that Jews and Chinese could not buy homes. It was not an anti-Semitic comment; it was a comment of fact. We ended up getting a house from other Jews who became friends of my parents and that was Izzy and Bella [Bogdor] who owned a house at 2515 West 13th Avenue. They were going to move to the Cambie area which was kind of slightly modestly more up-scale move that Jews were beginning to make from various areas of the city, clustering towards Oak Street and Cambie Street. So we moved in at 13th and Lodge, which meant that I would go to General Gordon elementary school and Kitsilano Junior and Senior Secondary. And so that’s where I went, my best friends became the boys who lived across the street from me…Constantine Alexander Micas, Greeks, and Connie and I became friends for life and he is now a surgeon in Fresno but all our lives we went through university together…high school together, university, medical school and we stayed in touch always and so I had a best friend and there’s nothing like a best friend helping you to become normal again.

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