William and Adella Moscovitz: Curling in Kimberley, BC

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William Moscovitz of Kimberly playing in Canadian Curling Championships in Moncton, NB
Rights - JMABC
Moscovitz, Adella
Moscovitz, William
Vancouver, BC
Tessler, Ronnie
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Digital audio recording #: 20.03-35
RT:         Now I understand Bill that you were a curling star [laughs].
WM:      Yeah, I was involved in most sports throughout high school and in university. But curling was my forte, because I had curled back in Saskatchewan where I was born. When I joined the curling club in Kimberley, I had my own rink, as per se. However, I joined another chap to try out for the provincial championships in 1956 and we were lucky enough to win and we represented British Columbia back in Moncton that year, unfortunately we didn’t do very well [laughs]. I think our record was four wins and six loses but at least it was a real memorable event for me. It really stood out in my mind. It still has. I curled oh, for approximately six or seven years after that until my knees finally gave out, [the] cartilage. And at that time I quit.

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