Max Bobroff: Hebrew Athletic Club Basketball Team

Posted by jyuhasz

Hebrew Athletic Club basketball team, Vancouver, BC. L-R: Sam Pelman, guard; Max Bobroff, forward; Mikey Spaner, guard; Harry Snider, guard; Sam Izen, centre and captain; Peter Kantor, centre and forward. Missing: Dave Bergman, forward.
Rights - JMABC
Bobroff, Max
Vancouver, BC
Dunner, Barry
Tuesday, January 1, 1985
Digital audio recording #: 19.85-10
               MB:       Some of kids I guess still have [the photo], I kept it around for years, and years, and years. The basketball team that we had, not that we won anything in particular, but at that particular time Benny Pastinsky was a cub reporter for the Vancouver Province and he arranged for us to have a picture taken. We became a little bit infamous. We were amateurs, and to do anything outside of BC for instance, you have to get permission from the amateur association. We used to go down to Seattle and Portland and play the Jewish boys down there, the YMHA, or if it wasn’t YMHA, it was still...[Tape cuts out]...or whether we had a little publicity about it or what, I don’t recall. They were going to suspend us. Big deal. We were all 15 years old, but anyway, that blew over in any case.

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