Frank Segal: Memories of a Bar Mitzvah

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Leonard Kamm's Bar Mitzvah
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Segal, Frank
Vancouver, BC
Segal, Binki
Monday, November 26, 2007
Digital audio recording #: 20.07-08
               BS:        So you had a Bar Mitzvah. Do you remember, you know, anything about it, about the preparation? Did you enjoy having, having this Bar Mitzvah?
               FS:          Ah, well bar mitzvahs…well it, there were two things I will say. I think it hasn’t changed at all over the years. No I didn’t enjoy the preparation, but it was nice having the party and, and the attention and the presents. I, yeah, it was all quite standard. The boys were… First of all there were only the boys, no girls. My Bar Mitzvah was at the Beit Hamidrash, before it was a Sephardic synagogue it was an Orthodox synagogue. My mother and my aunt and other relatives who came, I can’t remember even who came, but friends of the family helped out. They did all the cooking and the baking. Since we had it in the morning there was a luncheon and that was know. My speech was writ...I said my, spoke my speech in Yiddish and I didn’t understand a word of it because it was written by the person who taught me my Haftorah.
BS:         Do, do you remember it?
FS:          Nothing, absolutely nothing about the speech, nothing about the Haftorah. And that’s all. I remember is my aunt my aunt made wonderful strudel, the real thin skin, it was like baklava. The, it was very crispy, it was wonderful. And that’s what I remember, besides getting a chemistry set and a watch and a pen and all the other traditional items that Jewish boys got in, in that time as, as presents to mark their Bar Mitzvah.

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