Nathan Nemetz: Law School in Vancouver

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Portrait of Nathan Nemetz
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Nemetz, Nathan
Vancouver, BC
Tuesday, February 13, 1996
Digital audio recording #: 19.96-01
                Interviewer: Irene Dodek & Ron Stuart
               ID:          You said that your mother encouraged you to go into law. Did you ever at any time consider another field? Did you ever consider medicine?
               NN:        No, no.
               ID:          Never. And how did law school change you?
               NN:        Well, I think the discipline of law was a thing...
ID:          The work load?
NN:        The work was heavy. In those days, this was after you had a degree but before we had a full fledged law school, we had something, people wanted to go back to a system...You would go to law office...
ID:          Before you went to law school?
NN:        No, after you went to law school. You would go into a law office.
ID:          As an articling student?
NN:        As an articling student, and you’d spend three years if not four years there. Then you would proceed to go to lectures, and lectures at four o’clock. They’d get real money out of you by working you. And you got a real princely sum of $15. I eventually got $35 a month.
ID:          What did you do as an articling student?
NN:        Well, as an articling student you did everything that you knew exactly things that many young lawyers don’t know. You’d know how to draw wills, you’d know how to draw all of the practical things.
ID:          You mean young lawyers don’t learn this?
NN:        Well no, because they’re in a different milieu. They learn all about jurisprudence, you know, and all the fancy problems that arise in famous cases but as for doing the actual work there was a change. But that disappeared, that’s disappeared.
ID:          So the work load really...Did any of your professors influence you in a particular way?
NN:        Yes, well they did, because we had a very fine group of professors at the school and the Vancouver Law School and they did, they’re very, very good.

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