Harold Wodlinger: Hockey Games in Winnipeg

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Bill Libby, with hockey team in Saskatchewan
Rights - JMABC
Wodlinger, Harold
Vancouver, BC
Leonoff, Cyril E.
Tuesday, May 27, 1980
Digital audio recording #: 19.80-04
               HW:       I was always a good, good athlete. When, in the early years, when we used to go to the rink in Winnipeg. Do you know Winnipeg at all?
CL:         Oh yeah, born in Winnipeg, brought up in Winnipeg.
HW:       Oh yes, well, you know the Drewery’s? Yeah, right by Drewery, alongside of the brewery. We used to go there Saturday night, all the Jewish crowd at that time. We’d all skate together. The Weidmans, the Wodlingers, the Zimmermans, the whole flock. And we’d skate there until whatever time, 11, 11:30 and about every three or four weeks we’d have a hockey game between the Weidmans and the Wodlingers. We had a team each.
CL:         [There was enough of you].
HW:       We had to bring in one boy only from Selkirk that was one of Sam Wodlinger’s, he was a goalkeeper for the Selkirk team. He used to come and play goal for us. Weidmans had a full compliment. We used to play…and all these Jewish people stayed to see these games, you know, after the skating time was over we’d take over the ice and have a game.

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