Hinda Simkin: Outdoor Activities in McBride, BC

Posted by jyuhasz
Simkin, Hinda
Vancouver, BC
Krug, Susan
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Digital audio recording #: 20.08-18
                  HS:           Other things like big presents like my mom and dad would go away and come back and Audrey and I were each given an English bike, a Raleigh, and they were beautiful. And the first—with handbrakes—and the first time Audrey used hers she went over the top of the bars and ended up in the hospital with all the gravel having to be picked out. So yeah, and we skated. And it was an outdoor rink and we watched all the boys play hockey so…If it got to be 20 below we went home. And we’d run into the shack and get warm. In the summer we picked berries and we went on picnics. They would take one of the trucks that had a flatbed and everybody would sit on the back—no seatbelts, believe me. And we’d go about 15 miles to King Creek and they had a salmon run there and they had lots of wonderful, wonderful Saskatoon berries. We used to make, they’d come home and they’d can and they’d make pie. It was wonderful.