Abe Jampolsky: Jewish Life in Lipton, Saskatchewan

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Jewish cemetery in Lipton, Saskatchewan, Toby Meirovich in background
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Jampolsky, Abe
Vancouver, BC
Raivich, Leora
Wednesday, July 7, 2004
Digital audio recording #: 20.04-08
               AJ:          We had a, we had a synagogue. My grandmother brought a sacred Torah over from Russia with her. And they built a synagogue around the Torah. And we were the only synagogue between us and Regina which was 72 miles away. And people from the, people from the de Hirsh colony came to our synagogue, people in the surrounding towns. There were towns all over, 8, 10, 12 miles apart from each other and many of those people came to our town on the High Holidays. We had the synagogue, we had a rabbi who also acted as a mohel [person in charge of conducting circumcisions], he acted as the…
LR:         Shochet [kosher butcher].
AJ:          Shochet. He did everything.
LR:         Wow. So growing up, I mean, your parents must have been fairly religious to have maintained…
AJ:          Yes they were, yes they were.
LR:         …everything while they were in such a small town in Canada.
AJ:          Yes, that’s right. It was very important to them.
LR:         And do they come from an Orthodox background then?
AJ:          Yes.
LR:         And your father did he have any Jewish education back in the Ukraine, cheder [Jewish elementary school education], or yeshiva [Jewish higher education] or…
AJ:          Well he had a Bar Mitzvah, he could read, he could doven [pray], he was certainly at home in a synagogue.
LR:         Yeah, and he could read Hebrew.
AJ:          Yes.
LR:         And spoke Yiddish I’m sure.
AJ:          Yes.
LR:         Any other languages?
AJ:          He spoke Yiddish and Russian.
LR:         And Russian. And your mother…
AJ:          And of course they learned to speak English, the same thing.
LR:         The same thing. And was it difficult to keep kosher I’m guessing probably in such a small town?
AJ:          No, well we had this [rabbi].
LR:         Right, right and he was local, he lived right in the actual town?
AJ:          He lived right in our town.
LR:         Oh, that’s wonderful.
AJ:          He was supported by the small Jewish community.
LR:         Right, right, and so how many people in terms of numbers in the Jewish community were there?
AJ:          We were about 12 families that lived in the town.

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