Corinne Farber: Working in the Home

Posted by jyuhasz
Farber, Corinne
Toronto, ON
Tessler, Ronnie
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Digital audio recording #: 20.04-26
CF:         In later years, when I guess I was a teenager or just before we used to go Sundays to the beaches up at Parksville or Qualicum and Mother used to get up around six or seven in the morning and cook and bake like you wouldn’t believe. She would cook a roast, a beef roast, she would usually make chopped herring and eggs or chopped sardines and eggs, and she would inevitably make a pie, probably a blackberry pie. And she always had trouble with the blackberries running over into the inside of the stove. And it was, in those days, you know, no self-cleaning ovens, etcetera, and not even any Easy-Off. So it was a real problem. And she would talk to people and get various ideas and one of the things, one idea was to get straw, do you know that? And you would cut them maybe in half and put them in so the juice so the blackberries would go up and stay in the straw rather than run over on to the oven floor.
RT:         This was your picnic fare?
CF:         Yeah, I mean that was, but she used to get up so early in the morning and this was after working five, six days a week. And she often times, you know, did her own housework. And she did not have an automatic washing machine for many, many, many years. She had a wringer washer.
RT:         And hung outside?
CF:         Sometimes it would be hung outside, yeah.

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