Leopold and Pearl Levey: The First Bris in Rossland, BC

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Leopold Levey (with wife Pearl) receives 'Citizen of the Year' award from the Knights of Columbus, Trail, B.C.
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Levey, Leopold
Levey, Pearl
Vancouver, BC
Krieger, Ann
Monday, January 1, 1973
Digital audio recording #: 19.73-08
LL:          We have not mentioned so far what happened when we had the first bris—or the circumcision of a Jewish boy—in Trail. And it happened to be in Rossland. The hospital there was run by the Catholic sisters, a most splendid, wonderful group. I don’t know of any group that went out of their way so much to see that this bris was conducted the way it should be conducted. We had to bring the rabbi from Spokane to perform it but the strange thing was that the entire medical staff of the hospital came in to watch the job being done. We had a big party, same thing, we had a kiddush—the blessing—after it. And the staff at the hospital, you would think that they were almost Jewish in their feeling about this traditional rite which takes place in our Jewish life.

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