Ada Silverton and Eli Barish: Getting to School in Saskatchewan

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Solomon Barish herding his sheep at Wapella farm
Rights - JMABC
Barish, Eli
Silverton, Ada
Vancouver, BC
Leonoff, Cyril E.
Wednesday, April 9, 1969
Digital audio recording #: 19.69-05
CL:         What do you remember about the early days on the farm?
AS:         I remember visiting, having people come to the house, you know neighbours they’d walk. Saturdays, the fun we’d have was just going to visit neighbours. I remember I didn’t get to start school until about eight years old. And I had to walk three miles. Used to milk a cow before I went to school. And walked three miles with my brother Ben and Fannie and before I got there I was pretty well worn out, they had to hang on to my arms to help me along to get there.
CL:         Did you…What happened in the winter with the snow and everything?
AS:         They didn’t have school in the winter. They didn’t have school. I know when the boys went to school, they had to herd cattle. And one day one would go to school and the next day another one would go to school. There were no [fences] then.
CL:         What do you remember of the school? What did the school look like?
AS:         Well, I know we were the only Jewish children, I think. Going to school the gentile child used to be curious about us. They liked to look in our lunch boxes. Like Pesach we would have maybe different food and they used to sort of, you know, kind of make a little fun of us.

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