Zelda and Harold Glick: Passover Seder in Kelowna, BC

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Okanagan Jewish Community fundraiser, Kelowna, B.C.
Rights - JMABC
Glick, Harold
Glick, Zelda
Westbank, BC
Gerber, Jean
Wednesday, August 18, 1999
Digital audio recording #: 19.99-17
JG:          Where do you get your meat now?
ZG and HG: From Omnitsky’s [Vancouver] and Kaplans.
HG:        Marty Kaplan. I don’t know the man.
ZG:         I get some stuff from him too.
HG:        Safeway used to bring it in, but they bring in chickens, only chickens.
ZG:         But they don’t any more. They haven’t got a place.
JG:          What do you do for Passover?
HG:        No problem.
ZG:         Well Passover, Safeway brings in enough stuff for us because for the last what four years now that we’ve had Passover Seder at the Centre.
HG:        They used to have them a hotel or someplace, but now they have them at
                the Centre.
ZG:         They were catered, but we finally, well, we’ve got our own Centre, we should do it in our own kitchen. And so we clean the kitchen up. Our kitchen is dairy. But for Pesach we wash it down and use it for meat.
HG:        And Calgary sent...I think they came from Calgary, the dishes, they came from Calgary the meat dishes that we use, don’t they?
ZG:         Yeah, the dishes we got from Calgary. One of our members, a mother, Susan Shawley, her mother bought the dishes that we use there for everyday, so we bought a few things and cooked our first Seder.
HG:        They store away, nobody uses them.
ZG:         They have them covered up on top. The first year, I don’t know how I got into it—thanks to Mel—my girlfriend Ruth Finkleman and I took on. Well, we didn’t know anything about it, cooking for how much you should do. So we ordered turkeys and chickens and that and we…
HG:        Way too. They ordered way too much.
ZG:         Way too much. We didn’t cook all the turkeys we had ordered. I bought the ones that weren’t cooked. But a lot of our members went home with food after the Seder because I think we had about 75 people and I think I had cooked three turkeys which was quite a bit.
HG:        They have more than 75 now.
ZG:         Yeah, they have over 120 now, but that was the first one. It was good, it was fun, it was the first time we had it in our own place. Everybody helped; Susan Shawley helped us. She taking it over for this year now, and we in turn are going to help her.

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