Rosalind Karby: Recess Activities at the Vancouver Talmud Torah

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Portrait of Rosalind Karby
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Karby, Rosalind
Vancouver, BC
Kent, Rozanne
Thursday, April 15, 1993
Digital audio recording #: 19.93-15
Kent:      What did you do at recess?
Karby:    Whatever, we used to play tag, a lot of hopscotch, a lot of hanging
Kent:      You mean just talking with your friends?
Karby:    Yeah, just hanging out. There was always a teacher on duty, always someone in the playground. There are things I don't want to tell you. We were mean sometimes, you know how kids can be. But mostly, I'd say mostly the girls played jump rope, a lot of doubles jump rope with the big skipping rope..
Kent:      When you say ‘doubles’ do you mean two ropes or just one rope, two people jumping?
Karby:    One rope sometimes two people jumping, sometimes two ropes but one of these long [ropes], you know, that it takes two people to hold. And we did a lot of hopscotch although there was only one small section where you could draw the squares because I'm sure the rest of the thing was gravel.
Kent:      You mean you drew your own squares?
Karby:    Yeah, sure, of course with chalk, absolutely. And we made our own little beaded throws. I can't tell you how many hours of our childhood were spent making hopscotch throws, you know, beaded, and I don’t even remember now what they were out of, but all kinds of varieties. We did a lot of roller skating and sometimes we'd bring our roller skates and skate in the yard but that was rare because it meant schlepping them to school.
Kent:      Yeah, you said the yard was gravel.
Karby:    It must have not all been gravel because if we drew the hopscotch it couldn't have been gravel so maybe I’m not…maybe it was just concrete, some kind of cement of some sort. I really don’t remember now. Maybe it’s part and part. I don’t know somebody else might remember that…Once in a while…No, that was about it. We were never allowed off the school grounds. Once in a while we'd go to the park, not Douglas Park but the little Braemar Park, if the weather was nice sometimes. 
Kent:      You went with the teachers?
Karby:    Yeah, with the teacher, we’d have our lunch in the park.

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