Harold Laimon: Outstanding Teachers in Kamsack, Saskatchewan

Posted by jyuhasz
Laimon, Harold
Vancouver, BC
Dodek, Irene
Monday, June 20, 2011
Digital audio recording #: 20.11-11
ID:          And what about your teachers? Were there any of your teachers that were outstanding that you remember in high school?
HL:         In high school, yes, there was….
 ID:         That influenced you in your future?
HL:         One, two teachers actually were outstanding. One was a younger woman who taught math and taught algebra and geometry. I loved geometry and I just ate it up and that was very easy for me. And the other one who was outstanding was somebody called Miss Brandon and she was much older and she taught English and French and I thought she was outstanding because by the time I went to university and took the first year French I really had learned most of that in Grade 12 and so that was relatively easy.
ID:          Harold, I used…we used to have Miss Brandon as our French teacher, French and English teacher. Well, she taught everything, in Cupar.
HL:         Really?
ID:          Yes and when she left Cupar I guess she went to Kamsack. Can you believe we had the same teacher, that’s amazing!
HL:         I thought she was outstanding.
ID:          And what about Jewish education? Was there an opportunity for that in Kamsack?
HL:         Yes, well you know at one time there were approximately 35 Jewish families in Kamsack, that’s at the height. It would be in the late ‘30s I suppose. And we had one man there who served as the rabbi, the shochet [kosher butcher], the teacher, the cantor all rolled into one. Rabbi…Reverend Oland was his name and he stayed there until the community really dwindled and dwindled in the early ‘40s and then ultimately went to Saskatoon. He did teach me some elements of Hebrew and I suppose he also must have taught me something relative to my Bar Mitzvah although I don’t remember having a Bar Mitzvah with a lot of simcha [celebrations] in Kamsack. It was during the war years and I presume that those type of activities took a back seat.

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