Max Poplack: Spring and Summer Activities in Vancouver

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Max Poplack, pioneer, meat buyer, butcher, wholesaler
Rights - JMABC
Poplack, Max
Vancouver, BC
Freedman, A. Myer
Tuesday, January 1, 1974
Digital audio recording #: 19.74-16
                MF:        Max, when you were growing up in Vancouver in this area what kind of activities did you get involved in? Were you active in sports?
                MP:        Yes, quite a bit. Swimming quite a bit in summertime and then springtime we used to do quite a bit of hiking.
                MF:        There was a Jewish athletic club at one time which I’m not familiar with. Do you remember who was the president or who was involved?
MP:        We didn’t have such…We had a group called the Jewish Athletic Club and we had a basketball team and we formed a basketball team that joined the church league. And we used to practice in the Japanese gym on Powell, on Jackson and Powell Street, on Jackson, it was near Powell.
MF:        Jackson Avenue. How many teams were in this league?
MP:        Well, there was at least six or eight teams in the league, oh yes.
MF:        It was a popular thing, so it was kind of an ethnic thing. There was a Japanese team, and a Jewish team…
MP:        No, there was nothing about no Japanese team. But it was Jewish only…but there was different kinds of churches [had] teams.
MF:        Included in that group.
MP:        Yeah.
MF:        And there was a popular thing for young people in those days to go to Bowen Island?
MP:        In the summertime B’nai B’rith used to put on picnics and of course other societies used to put on…and that was the popular thing to take a boat to Bowen Island for a good outing for the day.

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