The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia has collected over 300,000 photographs to date. These photographs cover the time period of 1860-present and document families, organizations and businesses of BC’s Jewish communities.
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Leonard Frank Photos Studio
Reitman Ladies Store 1963
Reitman's Ladies' Store, 1963; Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia; LF.02523
The Leonard Frank Photos studio was located in suite 44-553 Granville Street, and later 614 West Pender Street in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Leonard Frank Photos Studio fonds is one of the largest collections held by the Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia amassing approximately 39,000   photographic images and 2 meters of textual records. A portion of these photographs are available on this Online Photo Database.
The Jewish Western Bulletin Photographs
Al Hoot, PLO, 1976; Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia; L.15064
The Jewish Western Bulletin fonds (1950-1990) contains approximately 5,000 stunning images that were generously donated by former owners and editors, Samuel and Mona Kaplan.  This collection of photographs documents the people, events and organizational activities of BC’s Jewish Community, as well as documenting local, national and international news relevant to the community.
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