2019 BC Jewish History Research Prize Awarded!

2019 BC Jewish History Research Prize Awarded!

The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC is pleased to announce that the 2019 BC Jewish History Research Prize has been awarded to Amber Woods for her work, Guide to Victoria’s Historic Jewish Cemetery.

At a special event following the Annual General Meeting of the Jewish Historical Society – the governing body of the JMABC – Director of Community Engagement Michael Schwartz read the following statement on behalf of the research prize jury:

“This impressive publication brings life to the many personal histories contained within Victoria’s historic Jewish cemetery. Through clearly written prose, it demonstrates the complex and interconnected nature of the early Jewish community of Victoria, touching upon paths of migration, establishment of Jewish community institutions, and intercultural relations in the spheres of commerce, politics, and society. While this research allows us to learn about the early Jewish community of Victoria, it also offers a useful guide for visiting and appreciating the cemetery itself, both by illuminating the history of the space and by helping visitors to engage thoughtfully with religious ritual and custom.”

Woods expressed her gratitude for this honour and shared with those present a fascinating presentation on her process of developing this important work. She specifically indicated that receiving this prize will greatly aid her efforts to continue her research into Victoria’s early Jewish history.

This is the second year that the annual research prize has been awarded. It has been made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor with the intent of furthering research of our community history and increasing the use of the BC Jewish Community Archives for such projects.

Submissions are accepted each year, with full details provided on the JMABC website, here.

The Guide to Victoria’s Historic Jewish Cemetery is available for purchase through the JMABC and Woods’ further documentation of this important period in our community history can be found at her website: Jewish Victoria.

The Board and staff of the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC extend our congratulations to Amber and look forward to following her future success.