At Home Family Activities

1935. Children playing cards in front yard in slum area near Union Station. Photographer: Carl Mydans. NY Public Library via Unsplash.


It can be tricky thinking of new activities to keep young folks engaged. We at the JMABC are here to help! We’ve rounded up a few fun and educational activities for kids of all ages to do alone or as a family.

Activities are categorized by age, but most are appropriate for people of all ages.

We’ll be updating this list on a regular basis, so check back frequently for new ideas!

Ages 5-9

  1. Mystery Object Exhibit
    Make a collection of five items in your home that you find interesting or did not know about before. Photograph and tell us about them! (Your parents might be able to tell you what they are).


Ages 10-14

  1. Family History
    Interview a family member (maybe a grandparent or an elder), asking them questions about their life. Write a summary of the most interesting or important events in their life. Take a photo of them to accompany your article.


Ages 14+

  1. World Tour Exhibit
    Find six international landmarks on Google Maps. Make an illustration of each of them, and look up a few interesting facts about each one. Take your family on a world tour of these important sites. Explain why you picked them and what you found most interesting.