Southern Africa Diaspora Part II: Apartheid

This is the second post in a three-part series exploring some of the common themes raised in the interviews of the JMABC’s Southern African Diaspora Oral History Collection. Read the first post here. Merle Linde spoke to the JMABC about the realities faced by ‘black’ and ‘coloured’ people employed by homes in South Africa’s cities, … Keep Reading

Southern Africa Diaspora Part I: Growing Up

Within the Jewish community in British Columbia, there is a large contingent of folks who have immigrated from South Africa and the surrounding countries, a unique community whose experiences the JMABC has had the opportunity to document through oral history interviews. These interviews cover both their experiences in BC and those during their time prior … Keep Reading

Cross Cultural Walking Tours: Making Connections in Strathcona

Cross Cultural Walking Tours: Making Connections in Strathcona

The Strathcona neighbourhood is full of history but it’s not just one story. Many communities have strong ties here, connecting into neighbouring Chinatown and Powell Street. In May 2019, a new grass-roots initiative took shape as the sold-out Cross Cultural Walking Tours, bringing together as many as 10 tour guides per tour and 17 partner … Keep Reading