New Ways of Living – Exhibit Launch

New Ways of Living – Exhibit Launch

New Ways of Living

Jewish Architects in Vancouver, 1955-1975

Deer Lake House by Arthur Erickson, 1978

Post-war Vancouver was a hotbed of modern design in architecture and landscape architecture. Under the tutelage of mentors B.C. Binning and Fred Lasserre, a generation of young architects and landscape architects pioneered the West Coast Style. Inspired by the stunning landscapes of coastal B.C., these artists incorporated international influences into a unique style that responded directly to the local environment.
Among this wave of innovative thinkers were Jewish architects Wolfgang Gerson, Peter Oberlander and Judah Shumiatcher, and landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander.


Opening Reception
Featuring a panel discusssion between exhibition curator Chanel Blouin, Cornelia Oberlander, Judah Shumiatcher, and architecture historian Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe.

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