JMABC Covid-19 Community Collection

JMABC Covid-19 Community Collection

History is happening every day.

While that’s always true, it feels especially true in these strange times. All of us have had to adapt in various ways to the limitations of self-isolation. The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC wants your help to document this important time.

Help us document this important moment in our community by sharing your memories through the following form:

What should I submit?

Great question!

Material can include writings, audio recordings, photos or videos. Here are some topics to get you thinking. Don’t feel limited by this list; get creative!

  • Passover was different this year. How did your family adapt? What was it like to do a Zoom seder? Where there unexpected items on your seder plate? Did you add any new rituals?
  • What does school look like in these times? Are children learning different things in different ways than usual? Are they adequately challenged and stimulated? Have they made beautiful artwork or brilliant writings in response to the current situation? Are they learning family history? Let them tell us in their own words. Let them write a short essay or sit down with them for a quick interview. Recording audio or video on your phone is totally acceptable quality!
  • What are you doing individually or as a family to keep busy? Gardening? Hiking? Going for bike rides? Doing lots of jigsaw puzzles? Making sourdough? Send us a photo essay of one of your projects!
  • What is it like to work from home? What does your set-up look like? Are you able to stay focused? How has your work been impacted?
  • If you are no longer working, are you getting the support you need? Are government subsidies adequate? Easy to navigate and apply for?
  • What is it like to be outside? Do you find it stressful to go shopping or do other errands? Have you found workarounds like food deliveries or fashioning homemade masks? How often do you place an order or go in person? Send us your shopping list and tell us all about it.
  • How are you keeping in touch with family and friends? Do you find you are contacting people more often than usual? What technology are you using? Send us screenshots of your Zoom calls and describe it.


We look forward to seeing where you take these ideas, and what new ideas they inspire you to take on. Together we can build a comprehensive archives of these times.

Thank you!