Mystery Photos

Mystery Photos

Each week we publish a few photos in the Jewish Independent, hoping you’ll be able to help us identify the people featured. Here is our latest round of Mystery Photos! As we receive information identifying these folks, we’ll add it here. Check back regularly!


At right is a photo from the Jewish Western Bulletin fonds. Judy Hirt-Manheimer provided the following information:

“I’ll tell you more about that photo.  I am about ten years old, judging from the photo, which would put the date closer to 1959.  The other girl is Arlene Gamberg (now Arlene Cooke and living in Los Angeles).  The man in the middle is Sol Wine who sponsored the Sol Wine Award at the Peretz School which Arlene and I had just won. He had a daughter, Rochel (gutteral ch) who may still live in Vancouver.  I think the reward was for being good over all students at the Peretz school.”


With such quick identification of this photo, we thought we’d try our luck with another photo. Maybe you recognize some of these faces. Let us know!