The Chosen Food Supper Club

Jewish Feasts from around the World

The Chosen Food Supper Club has wrapped up for the 2017 season. Thank you to everyone who joined us for one of our eight dinners held between April and October. Together we enjoyed food and memories from some of the many corners of the world where the families of our community originate. We hope you enjoyed this series as much as we did!

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Past Dates

April 2, 2017

Mantι, Börek, Baklava: Cooking Shabbat Dinner & Fresh Challah

Presented in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Gallery

with guest chef Derya Akay, with contributions from Sara Ciacci, Leonor Etkin, Claire Hammer & Debbie Kafka


April 23, 2017

My Darling Dumpling: Traditional Jewish & Chinese Dumplings

Presented in collaboration with the HUA Foundation

with guest chef Kevin Huang and special guests


May 7, 2017

Delights from the Jews of Rhodes

with guest host Carol Herbert and chef Don Letendre


June 4, 2017

Shavuot on Kibbutz: Reinventing a Harvest Festival

with guest chef Lior Ben-Yehuda


June 18, 2017

From Cape Town with Love: A South African Barbecue

with guest hosts Shelley Goldberg & Alan Rees, and chef Don Letendre


July 30, 2017

Smoked Meat: Authentic Montreal Deli

with guest host Michael Estrella


September 17, 2017

Rosh Hashanah in Aleppo: A Syrian Jewish New Years’ Feast

with guest host Debbie Tabenken

October 29, 2017

Delights from the Danube: Hungarian Jewish Cuisine

Presented in partnership with the Louis Brier Jewish Aged Foundation

with guest host Judy Stoffman


The Chosen Food Supper Club was part of the JMABC 2017 public programming series Feeding Community, celebrating the important role of food in maintaining Jewish tradition and history through generations of BC Jews. Feeding Community was made possible through the support of Instafund, The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver, the Jewish Community Foundation, and the Governments of Canada, British Columbia, and the City of Vancovuer. Other components of Feeding Community included the podcast The Kitchen Stories;  the four-part event series Nourishing Tradition, offered in collaboration with the Jewish Seniors Alliance; and the Britannia Sukkot Festival, offered in collaboration with the Grandview Woodland Food Connection.


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Jewish Feasts from around the World