Intersections: Speaker Series

Our very popular discussion series welcomes local experts in a wide range of topics, engaging discussion between our community and the diverse communities of BC.


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Past Sessions

Victoria’s Jewish Cemetery was consecrated in February, 1860, just two years after the first recorded arrival of Jewish immigrants to the region. Still in use today, this cemetery is the oldest in Western Canada (preceding the Jewish section of Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery by 32 years). Join author Amber Woods for the Vancouver launch of … More information

October 11, 2018

6184 Ash Street

6:00 PM

Letters Home

with Perry Seidelman and Alysa Routtenberg

In 1916, Joseph Seidelman enlisted in the Canadian Army. Just eighteen years old, Joseph felt compelled to contribute to the war effort in Europe. While training and fighting, Seidelman regularly sent letters to his family back home in Vancouver, particularly his sister Rachel. Eighty-seven of these letters were donated recently to the BC Jewish Community Archives … More information

December 15, 2016

The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC

6184 Ash Street


7:00 PM

A Transcontinental Love

With Cristen Polley

Morris Soskin met Rose Hyams on a trip to Montreal in 1921, and fell madly in love. Though he had to return home to Vancouver after just a few days, they maintained contact through post, sometimes writing multiple letters in a single day. Before the year was through, the two were married. Two hundred and … More information

May 19, 2016

The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC

6184 Ash Street

7:00 PM

In July 2015, Evelyn Lazare, a long-time member of Temple Sholom, volunteered to document the provenance of the eight Sifrei Torah housed in the synagogue’s ark, believing the process would take a few weeks at best. She submitted the final document to Rabbi Dan Moskowitz, Temple Sholom’s Senior Rabbi, in February 2016, and still maintains … More information

March 31, 2016

The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC

6184 Ash Street

7:00 PM

On These Shores

Jewish Pioneers of Early Victoria

On These Shores Jewish Pioneers of Early Victoria   The Gold Rush of 1858 brought an influx of pioneers seeking their fortune in B.C.. Among the very first arrivals were Jewish merchants who had experienced success in the earlier California Gold Rush. They became involved in all corners of society, and many achieved notable success. … More information

February 18, 2016

The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC

6184 Ash Street

7:00 PM

New Ways of Living

Jewish Architects in Vancouver, 1955-1975

New Ways of Living Jewish Architects in Vancouver, 1955-1975   Post-war Vancouver was a hotbed of modern design in architecture and landscape architecture. Under the tutelage of mentors B.C. Binning and Fred Lasserre, a generation of young architects and landscape architects pioneered the West Coast Style. Inspired by the stunning landscapes of coastal B.C., these … More information

January 28, 2016

Inform Interiors

50 Water St.

5:00 PM

Responding to Desecration of Sacred Sites

with Alissa Cartwright and Kaitlin Findlay

The night of December 30th, 2011, five headstones in Victoria’s Emanu-El Jewish Cemetery were desecrated with graffiti swastikas. All five were stones marking the graves of Holocaust survivors.  A week later, over 1,000 people gathered for a vigil honouring those buried and showing solidarity in the face of hatred. Our upcoming online exhibit reports on … More information

December 9, 2015

6184 Ash Street

7:00 PM

Intercultural Exchange

with Robbie Waisman

As a teenager in Buchenwald, Robbie Waisman experienced what no one should have to experience. In addition to many years working in Holocaust education, Robbie has found opportunities to work with members of other ethnic groups, helping them address traumatic events in their personal and community history. In this talk, Robbie will share reflections on his work with local First Nations during the recent Year of Reconciliation.

November 18, 2015

6184 Ash Street

7:00 PM

Observing Democracy

with Ron Laufer

For over a decade, Ron Laufer has worked as an elections observer locally and internationally. His work has taken him as far afield as Afghanistan, Kosovo, Ukraine and Nigeria. Join us as we learn of the obstacles to democracy.

October 8, 2015

6184 Ash Street

7:00 PM

Year One – Looking Back, Looking Forward

with Ezra Shanken, CEO Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver

This evening we sit down with Federation CEO Ezra Shanken to hear his thoughts on where our community is headed.

July 15, 2015

6184 Ash Street

7:30 PM

Jewish Life in Interwar Shanghai

With Daniel Kalla — Presented in association with the Waldman Jewish Library

Between 1845 and 1945, more than 40,000 Jews settled in China, establishing a thriving Jewish community in cosmopolitan Shanghai.

May 14, 2015

6184 Ash Street

7:00 PM

Professional photographer Tyler Udall joins exhibit curator Michael Schwartz in conversation, examining Fred Schiffer’s place within contemporary photography.

April 26, 2015

Make Gallery

257 E 7th Avenue

3:00 PM