The Scribe

The Scribe is the annual journal published by the Jewish Museum & Archives of BC. This anthology seeks to document all aspects of the 150 year Jewish experience in British Columbia, from history, culture, and art, to literature, religion, and contributions to the development and progress of Canada.

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Vol 39


The Scribe Volume 39: Jewish Education in BC

Jewish Education in BC

The forthcoming edition of The Scribe celebrates the invaluable contributions of educators in our community history who have passed on Jewish history and tradition to successive generations.

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Vol 38


The Scribe Volume 38: Medical Innovators and Pioneers

Medical Innovators and Pioneers

Featuring interviews with 26 health care professionals, this issue celebrates over a century of pioneering work in diverse fields of medicine.

Vol 37


The Scribe Volume 37: The Food Issue

The Food Issue

The Food Issue of The Scribe is now available. Featuring recollections from more than 30 food industry professionals, covering close to 100 years of history.

Vol 36


The Scribe Volume 36: Jewish Cemeteries of British Columbia

Jewish Cemeteries of British Columbia

Cemeteries are often among the first community amenities established. They are sacred places of reflection and vital stores of community history. This issue of The Scribe takes us into both aspects of the importance of Jewish cemeteries throughout the province. What are the rituals performed before burial, and why? How does a community respond when a burial site is vandalized? Who are some of the intriguing persons buried in our local cemeteries? These and more questions answered within.

Vol 35


The Scribe Volume 35: Focus on the Clothing Industry

Focus on the Clothing Industry

From bargain basement to formal wear, factory to retail store, employees to owners, this issue of The Scribe looks at close to a century of Jewish involvement in the clothing industry in Greater Vancouver.

Vol 34


The Scribe Volume 34: Focus on the Scrap Metal Industry

Focus on the Scrap Metal Industry

Arriving in Canada with minimal language skills or savings, many Jewish families took to junk peddling. Some transitioned from horse-and-buggy operations to very successful companies.