Recent Mystery Photos

Recent Mystery Photos

Thanks to many community members calling in with information, we’ve been able to identify a great number of the people pictured in our recent Mystery Photos published in the Jewish Independent.  As you will see, there are still a fair amount of faces left to identify. If you can provide any help, we’d certainly appreciate it!

Photo at right: Morris Lerman (hands in pockets) with an unidentified woman and man.




Members of National Council of Jewish Women, 1965 (standing): Sue Abramson and Susan Malkin; (seated): Hilda Everall and Belle Averbach.


At Hillel, 1987: Susan Angel, Abby Fitch, and Amie Levin.


At the dedication of Schara Tzedeck Synagogue, circa 1965: Abe Gurevich, Joe Eisner and Max Weiner.


Pioneer Women meeting for the Hadassah Bazaar, 1958: (standing): Marion Margolis, Dora Yorsh, and two unidentified women. (Seated): Helen Garbovitzky, Mrs. Checkov, and Annie Rome.